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fun in melbourne

well.. last i remember posting in was something about all the people i've met in my life or something? not sure and not bothered to go back to check it out

had a pretty lame night tonight and i feel like the only way to deal with its shittyness is by writing it down at least

so i'm living in melbourne now which is pretty cool i guess. but i don't know many people

tonight, i decided that instead of sitting at home having a cry about not having any friends, i was gonna go out there and find some. my goal was to get someones phone number and see them again at some point for coffee or drinks or whatever (male, female, not important), which i think i've achieved but only by the skin of my chinny chin chin.

so i got into the city about 11pm, had a couple of places in mind where i wanted to go just from a quick google search to see what was open. went to equinox, this place that sells cheap beer because it has an upstairs and i thought it might be kinda like century bar.
upstairs was closed for a private function.

so then i went to this place called word bar, which is where scott and mel sometimes have this swing dance night. i've only been there one other time and couldnt get in without a ticket. went there tonight because it was advertised as something like 'rnb, dance' music and i was keen to bust a move. when i got there, not even one single person was dancing! so i left.

wandered over to another bar which i was drawn to because of the loud music. poked my head in, cover charge, not looking particularly exciting. so the bouncer said i should try king st.

on king st i walked up and down for a while, not sure which bar to pick, since pretty much all of them have a cover charge, and im not in a position to be bar hopping when its $20 just to get in the door! so i was trying to find a good one by just looking at it

started talking to these two girls who were standing outside some club called.. tease? teez? something like that. it was some international dj and a ticketed event. so i moved on.

as i was crossing the rd, this islander bloke called john ty ran up to me and was like, hey whats happening, whats going on, hows your night etc. by this point i was happy just to talk to someone so he said he was going to meet his brother for a drink.
would i like to join him? he asked. sure, why not. not knowing that he meant he was going to meet his brother in some car park and have drinks in the car park. yeah. awesome, i know.
so the plan was to go to this tease place but apparently tickets were like $40 before and $55 on the door. couldnt really get on board with that so i started talking with another bunch of people who were also in the car park.

there was mainly one girl i was talking with, skye. she was nice enough i guess but this whole thing was cleaarly not going anywhere - one of her friends was stupidly drunk, another two were having some domestic. then another couple of girls came over and i started trying to talk to one, zabrina. she was just someones sister so i was like, great, we both dont know people so thought we might chat but she wasnt really interested in knowing me. every time i asked her a question about herself or anything, she'd turn to skye to answer it (who she also didnt know by the way). so i just walked away

walked up to these two girls who looked like they were waiting for their friend to use the atm, i said 'hey hows it going?' and they both looked at each other and walked away

so then i found this group of people, crystal, sheridon and alex. we started talking and crystal was nice enough i guess so i asked if i could tag along and they said sure. they decided to go to crown casino and i was like, cool, i've never really been in the night time.. why not check it out

so we cabbed it to crown, and were going to go into this bar it has called lagerfield. but there was a line and halfway through waiting, they all decided they wanted maccas. so we walked around for what felt like forever trying to find the maccas in the casino. couldnt find it at all.

theres a bar at crown called velvet bar which makes these amazing huge cocktails in glasses bigger than my head, so i went to the bar to get one. finally, after being served a pink petal, i turned around and those 3 were gone. clearly they had ditched me. great.

there was a big group of girls, maybe 6 or 7, so i walked over, tired of holding this enormous cocktail, and was like.. oh hey, can i join you for a bit. started talking with them. then they all got up and left. so heres me sitting on a table by myself.. stupidly massive cocktail in hand. the kind of thing that looks ridiculous when youre on your own.

this guy walked over and sat down near me so i tried talking to him. nothing. then this guy wandered past and i thought he was staring at me, so i said hi. he came over, confused, like, were you talking to me?

ben. ben was nice enough i guess, it was nice to have someone actually just talk back to me and he was saying nice things like, oh youre beautiful i dont know why guys arent coming over to talk to you, if i wasnt married etc
and then hes like, yeah so.. what are you going to do?
i dunno, i said.
hes like, how about having an affair with a married man.
yeah, next.

there was a group of 2 or 3 people dancing about in the middle of the room, only people dancing, looked like travellers, thought theyd be laid back and cool. so i went over to say hello, and the guy wearing an eye patch was freakishly quick to point out that his girlfriend was just there. and that they were from the country. he really wanted me to know that they were from the country. then another of the group came over, WHERES THE GIRLS PISSER? YA KNOW, GOTTA TAKE A PISS?~1!

so i started talking a different group of guys, all with equally ridiculous cocktails like myself. they were all kiwis except one guy, ronan from ireland. so we started talking and everything was kind of alright finally, then we were standing at one of the tables watching people play roulette. turned around and the whole group was walking away, so i followed them. all 5 of them sat down at a row of 5 pokies and i was just left standing there.. so i walked off..

left crown started talking with this guy called alex. clearly the end of the night, just interested in one thing etc etc. so i got away quite quickly.

finally, while waiting for the nightride bus home, this guy came and asked me for a cigarette paper. so i gave him one and he went and sat on a bench. clearly he was struggling to find a lighter so i went over and offered him to use mine, and asked if i could sit there until the bus came. michael was super friendly and even offered me his jacket which was amazing (clearly gay), congratulated me and even shook my hand when he heard id gone out on my own, saying hed only had the guts to do it once. so he gave me his number, i texted him. and hopefully we're going to meet up for coffee this week!

ugh, meeting people is not as easy as people make it sound. its like, they dont get it unless theyve been there themselves. people keep saying, 'just go out and meet people'. but when that happens, tonight for example, its usually a dud situation. i mean, how many people did i try talking to and remember all their names and just nothing.

its like people think i just go out and sit on my own and dont talk to anyone, but im trying to be as proactive as possible here and people are just fucking rude sometimes.
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Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.

Among other things, you'll find that you're not the first person who was ever confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior. You're by no means alone on that score, you'll be excited and stimulated to know. Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now. Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles. You'll learn from them— if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn't education. It's history. It's poetry.
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if scientists said there was a huge asteroid,
and it was headed right for earth;
and then later announced it was really made of poo,
would you be:
a) more worried?
b) less worried?